Friday, April 10, 2009

To Do-

Today is my last day in La Maison (the place I have called home for the past 2 years). Tomorrow I'm heading back to Toronto, and then Wednesday I fly west.

That leaves me 5 days to do all of this:
1. Move everything out of La Maison and into storage.
2. Party one last time with The Jons
3. Re-pack everything for Whistler.
4. Go shopping with Dani and perhaps Liz
5. Get my hair did.
6. Find some snowpants that arent completely broken
7. Play with Tipper and Joey for a while
8. Find an iPod shuffle charger
9. Do an easter egg hunt? .. Why not.
***UPDATE. 10. Have sushi with Stephanie my oldest homie.

It's gonna be a busy 5 days.


Beebe... said...

i have some snowboard pants you can have for pretty cheap if you want... they are red

Dani said...

shut up bb
buy mine instead
way cooler

Anonymous said...

what about sushi with me?!?!?!!!!???


KING said...

all fixed for you gal.