Monday, September 28, 2009


Best topic Skype has ever seen. CH!

PS. TODAY IPHONE GOT BBM (ish). iPhone to iPhone. The app's called Ping! If you've got a iPhone add a hoss. My name's luisakhp

Been waiting on this for a while.

Hi Friends.
Sorry ive been the most MIA ever.
I'd like to say i'm back for good but i really dont know.

In the meantime i'll share something with you that i've been waiting on for a while now.

PEAK SEASON TRAILER ON YOUTUBE (Dre is lookin mighty fine in this still shot)

Watch Monday nights starting October 19 in the 10 spot followed by the Aftershow with Jesse & Dan.
This shit's gonna be as addicting as Laguna and The Hills combined.

Lauren Conrad aint got shit on Lauren Horton.

But actually, this show's gonna be like the Hills gone wild. We're talking open intoxication and promiscuity.


ps. I changed my lil Supra pic on the right. Think cuffed denim and bright socks are more delightful these days. CUFF YER DENIM!