Thursday, March 17, 2011


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Monday, March 7, 2011

Charlie Sheen.

So people seem to be talking more about Charlie Sheen than Justin Bieber these days. (I'm actually kind of excited we're not hyped on a 17 year old for what will last probably about 25 minutes.) I agree he seems a little loco, but he's probably just being a realist. Let me explain.

Coming to terms with the fact that he isn't the kid he was in '86 (Ferris Bueller's Day off/Platoon), and that his once funny but now slightly repetitive sit-com (Two and A Half Men) has probably seen it's glory days come and go (kid grows up but is still fat... come onnnn), Charlie Sheen comes to a point in his life where he finds himself alone, addicted to alcohol and drugs, and an asshole. After he goes all psycho on a porn star.. stripper.. what did he do again? I refuse to google it.. he gets kicked off said TV show and, oh; now he has absolutely nothing. So, how is The Sheen supposed to make a great come back?

He can't.

So he uses what he's already got going for him: being an asshole. Turning it up a notch, he appears on Good Morning America as "creepy psycho drug-addicted asshole", causing the whole world to react in 'disgust'. He hops on Twitter, makes the Guinness Book of World Records claim (1,000,000 followers in 24 hours) and starts tweeting about #WINNING; thus making him appear as more of a creepy psycho drug-addicted asshole. He continues using various social media outlets to hype his creepy psycho drug-addicted asshole-self up until he knows he's made 'it'. (They're making YouTube remixes about you, duh.)

Now Oprah calls. And David Letterman. And Larry King. And all of a sudden you're able to demand mega cash to be interviewed by the sane, only to reinforce people's beliefs that you are still a creepy psycho drug-addicted asshole. They'll pay because everyone will want to see your next creepy psycho drug-addicted asshole maneuver on live television. Now you can go on being a creepy psycho drug-addicted asshole with all the money you've made making sure everyone knows it.

I guess Charlie Sheen really is #WINNING.

n.b.- I'm pissed I had to google Justin Bieber's age and scroll through Charlie Sheen's IMDB for this

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Heartbreaker; backbreaker.
Justin Vernon is a day maker.