Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ms. Brown.

I interviewed a hoss. Read.

please state your name for the record.
KING @ 9:09

Dani Brown!
Dani Brown @ 9:09

favourite nickname you have not given yourself
KING @ 9:09

ODB or downtown.
Dani Brown @ 9:10

the song you are listening to right now is...
KING @ 9:11

no song, i am watching the office.
Dani Brown @ 9:11

you fail.
if you were tagged in one of those stupid friends things who would you be
KING @ 9:12

oh god, people are so shitty i would probably be "the pierced one"
Dani Brown @ 9:12

your dream cake would be what.
KING @ 9:12

Dani Brown @ 9:13

chocolate, vanilla, icing, candies, go wild.
KING @ 9:13

dream cake would be a vanilla cake with travis barker jumping out of it naked.
Dani Brown @ 9:13

best! next birthday, get ready.
KING @ 9:14

the thing you are most excited for in life right now.

my travis barker cake you just promised me.
Dani Brown @ 9:14

your favourite jon.
KING @ 9:15

.... is this even a real question?!?!
Dani Brown @ 9:15

um yes you asked it to me!
KING @ 9:15

i out smarted luisa jeffery. this is a day to remember!
Dani Brown @ 9:16

damn you did! i'm unimpressed with you
KING @ 9:16

that part better be copied and pasted. me clever.
Dani Brown @ 9:16

biggest pet peeve.
KING @ 9:16

shitty drivers and shit. i don't know i hate everything.
Dani Brown @ 9:17

i knew that would be a tough one for you
KING @ 9:18

hahahaha just too much stuff that i dispise.
Dani Brown @ 9:18

friend with the best blog
KING @ 9:19

luisa jeffery!!!!11!!!!1!
and my gnarcore friends.
Dani Brown @ 9:19

love you long time. ending it with a bang?
one more.
favourite future roomate
KING @ 9:20

it's almost like i'm in love with you..
Dani Brown @ 9:20

almost? you are.
KING @ 9:20

max hill is my favourite future roomie.
Dani Brown @ 9:21

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