Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hard to believe that it was 2 years ago at this time when I made a facebook group for the house we would soon live in. I didn't know what to call it so I just said "La Maison". Little did I know it would be what friends would refer to us as for the next two years.Everyone warned against six girls living together in such close quarters. I've heard the horror stories of girl fights and ruined friendships but I always knew that wouldn't be an issue for us. (The last 2 weeks don't count) Today I'm the first of us to move out, and it's quite possibly the saddest thing ever. Missin these bitches already.

Thought i'd take the time today to introduce you to them all.
Ms. Tina. Part of our basement crew, she makes the best faces, and the best sandwiches that I will miss the most. She's also a professional addicting games player and has showed me the best cake making, zit poping, pizza delivering games EVER. Bitch is flying off to Singapore next year reason 1.1 why I must move out.

Ms. Danielle Betty. The other third that makes up the basement crew. I will miss this betty's exquisite meals and baking, not to mention ridiculous work ethic that I am extremely envious of. Bitch got a 16 month internship at IBM next year. Reason 1.2 why I must move out.

Ms. Monika Ivey. I will miss this one's noises (she hates me now) as well as her stupid brain for being so god damn smart and in Ivey. I will not miss the fact that she is scared of cats and will be getting a cat next year and naming it Monika. Bitch is flying to Barcelona next year. Reason 1.3 why I must move out.
Ms. Tara Walrus. Though she's spent this semester in England, I will never forget the time she slid face first down the stairs in residence. I will miss this stupid lady's drunken antics and fantastic hair styles. Bitch is flying to Singapore with Tina next year. Reason 1.4 why I must move out.Ms. Madeleine. The last remaining La Maison member, the two of us will be holding the name for all of us next year. Though she brought in scary gerbals that eat everything, I will now admit they are kinda cute.. kinda.

Ms. Liz. The unofficial roomate, and final member of La Maison. She'll be stickin around next year too but a summer without this BFF will be a lonely one. Bitch is flying out west to hang with me though so SUCK IT!

We also had a short stint with Ms. Aureyana. She has a career now because she's cool like that. Look out for a bitch in a school near you!

Love you longtime girlfriends, and will miss you more than anything when you go on your stupid vacations.xoxogossipgirl.


Danielle said...

Basement crew is feeling the loss of an important crew member..bitch is flying to Whistler....amazing. haha I miss you already girl. Im going to miss looking in your room and seeing 4 people in your bed, I'm going to miss you not ever going grocery shopping and living on frozen corn, I'm going to miss the boys you bring from Utah, Im going to miss your hipster clothing and your hair dryer, I'm going to miss your drunken smiles and your laid back style. LOVE YOU FOR LIFE AND LA MAISON

tin-a said...

I agree with Danielle,
Basement crew fell apart cuz Bitch decided to leave La Maison early and go to stupid Whistler for some stupid festival and stupid boys and girls and stupid snowboarding.

I'm going to miss:
- WiFi parties
- All the boys in your bed
- The new words that you create... except for mellow, hate that one
- Computer games
- Your anorexia
- Your cute, multicoloured bike shorts/PJs
- Making cute songs up in your car
- Fighting the law yo
- Your stupid blonde UWO hair
- Cuddles on my bed watching Grey's
- Cuddles
- The puppies hatching

Basically, I'm just going to miss everything about you becuase I'm in love with you (what?).

Can you send me emails? No one else though... just me becuase you love me the most!

Sidenote: saw your room empty and literally shed some tears

Beebe... said...

whats with all of you girls being so cute

Dani said...

yo yeah your friends are so cute! :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the girl with the huggets jersey is hot as fuck. who is she ?

KING said...

reveal yourself anonymous.

Anonymous said...

i'm nobody. just thought she looks really cute.

Anonymous said...

jus wondering though.
which girl out of all the girls is it ? I cant figure it out by the pics. also, does she snowboard and if so where does she snowboard?? i wouldnt mind doin a few runs with her...maybe a little small talk on the chair.