Monday, May 24, 2010

Camden Market

Fuckin' Aussies.

It was nearly impossible for me to walk away without this being added to my wardrobe.

£2 dinner. I'm down.

Locals- always prepared for the long tube rides.

The real Thames.

Insane day today in London. Beautiful; sunny and high 20s. Went to Camden Market with my brother and cousin (who I lost almost immediately) and browsed ear buds in. Coolest place I've ever been in London- a cobblestone maze that was once a stable for horses and is now filled with vintage shops, independent designer boutiques, leather specialists, jewelers, ethnic art and any cuisine one could dream of. The place was bustling with goths, hippies, hipsters and tourists alike and the only thing that disappointed me was the no photo signs that appeared in many of the independent designers' boutiques. Shop of the day went to Berty and Gerty where I made my only purchase. Another favourite was a vintage eyewear shop I found at the end of an alley. Shopkeeper aside (he refused to let me photograph the beautiful frames), the shop was unreal.. next to some of the frames he had a cool magazine propped up on a table which had some really well shot and really beautiful (as much as I hate to admit it..sorry) photos of Tavi that accompanied an interview. The stroll was followed by a pint (actually, a Corona) at The Anchor pub on the Thames. I will be sad to wake up to typical England weather tomorrow- but I will get to wear my new Camden purchase!

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