Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My trip to BC in a nutshell.

Had the best break in the history of breaks. Got to see all of my favourite people on the planet earth while staring up at snowy mountains and cruising through powder ridden trees. The theme of the trip was "When in Rome"... hence the drinking.

Curious Joe.

Vancouver, Sup?

Grouse Zip Lining.

Chris just being the hippest boarder!

My Welcome Home surprise from Mike. DAVID GUETTA!

Here is where the theme of the week began: "When in Rome". See you in the Blackzone.

Hung with MTV STAR ANDREAS MOREL bunch! (Can't deal)

Fabhian Stokes. Whistlers #1 bartender and my BFF.

SPICY AGEDASHI TOFU. If you are ever in Whistler this is a MUST. Best shit.


This vodka. Birthday present for me please.


Kenny and I had a MaxInjury contest. Thought I had it in the bag with this score and then...

Current MaxInjury score held by Kenny. CHEESED!

Reed Speedman international everything.

So pretty. So wasted.

Morning after Sushi with Reedo and Marg.

The workplace of Reed. Hello Asahi.

Cutest pup. Snoop!

Last meal in Whistler, Portobello, obviously.

Dre's sandwich was outrageous. I ate mine with a knife and fork.

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