Monday, December 7, 2009

VJ Search.. CHEKK! Liz Trinnear is an effin MMVJ.

On Friday I made the trip back to Toronto to be on yet another episode of MOD (which I might say for the record is a terrible experience and I'm sorry Liz but there is too much standing and waiting and too much Justin Beiber talk for my liking).

Pre-MOD visit to Subway. (Which neither of us could eat due to nerves)
Grand entrance!

Liz & Alli, the final 2.


Would have been a good one but this bitch got in the way.
Current VJS... Devon, Jesse, Liz, Tim & Sarah.

Straight to work!

And then some celebrating.


So super fun/crazy day and night. VJ Jesse came out to celebrate as well, and he came with a random that was in my class in Grade One. Hi Fernando! I'm super pumped Liz won and to be honest, Much Music would have REALLY screwed up if they picked Alli. I know there are a ton of Alli fans out there but she was in all honesty a bitch. She was awkward on camera, not to mention openly rude throughout the finale as she rolled her eyes at Liz every chance she got. She is too immature for this position, and would not have been professional enough. So way to go Much Music! Cause that would have been the biggest screw up ever. Liz will be perfect!

Oh, then Meredith told me to try googling her. Look what happens!
You know you're important when Google knows who you are!


Dani said...

But who be Liz Trinder?

KING said...

Google her?