Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The time I was on Peak Season.

Jason appears to be yelling at me.

15 more seconds of fame!

So I made it on to Peak Season (barely), and now the show is over. We've all made it through the ups, the downs, the Jager, and the punches. We've watched Lauren fight Scoot, Steph Weber get Weber drunk eyes, Amanda physically abuse Dre, Dre go on awkward dates, Ian chase girls, the Aussies sound like idiots, and Steph Just.. wait, who was she again?

The show did an alright job of showing the world what Whistler is about. There definitely is a whole lot of drinking at Garfinkels and The Savage Beagle, there definitely are a bunch of stupid Aussies, and there is definitely drama.

My predictions for next season (if there is one): Steph Just will get the boot, the Aussies will hopefully get the boot, and David Brocklebank will be the new star. Just sayin'.

The Real Whistler.


Anonymous said...

you are a fucking moron steph just is the only boarder on the show. don't be a dumb ass. stay in ontario. or no wait.. then where would tyler, max hill, and robin get their dicks sucked..? hmm. shut your mouth.

LUISAKHP said...

You're missing about 25 other dudes... nice try though.