Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lets get some shots!

Today Cara and I went up Grouse to do some snow activities. First we went boarding and skiing which started a fight on my Facebook photo, but was also real fun. Grouse kinda blew because most of the runs were still closed but it was better than Ontario!
Then Evan let us come with a group to go Zip Lining. It was super fun. This my feet before the longest one of them all. Would have been an unreal view if it wasn't snowing all day!

And on that note, tonight the Hoff and Jay are coming down from Whistler to pick up Chia and I, bring us to DAVID GUETTA, and drive us back to Whis for the rest of my adventures.

This is a gun full of tequila, so in the words of Ian Ross, LETS GET SOME SHOTS!

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