Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Yesterday we bopped down to Toronto for a hot minute to appear on Much On Demand and support Liz as she made it to the Top 4 in the VJ search.

Team Liz!

They first gave Nadine the boot which was excellent as she is not pretty and has a terrible voice, not to mention she is already famous on YouTube which is quite possibly the lamest. Then they gave Jules McKools the boot which was also excellent because he is a 17 year old idiot. Next, was Kelly who I originally though was some good competition, but I always forgot about her because she wasn't as obnoxious as the other blondes (and Nadine). Finally, and MUCH to my surprise, they told Jessy to peace out which was unfortunate for her because she is cute and probably the only reason they ditched her was because they just hired a new VJ with the same name. (Who, I might ad, is the only attractive male VJ Much has ever produced.)

That leaves Liz, Laith, Marlon, and Alli Walker to compete for the big title. I don't pay attention to the guys because the likelyhood of one of them actually winning is slim to none as Devon, Tim, and now Jesse take on Sarah 3 to 1 in the male/female department. Alli Walker claims she is from PEI when she really lives in Toronto and is a Taylor Swift fanatic which alone makes her slightly weird. She also wears horizontal strips on screen (A HUGE NO NO!) and wears obscene amounts of makeup to hide her blemishes (and what I can only imagine are creepy eye veins under all that shadow). She appears to think she has this in the bag so it will be a big surprise for her when December 4th rolls around and Liz takes on her dream job. (Guess she'll have to resort to her plan B: Country Singing JUST LIKE TSWIFT!) Did I mention she plays the bagpipes?

Alli Walker, why?

Keep your eyes on Much as Liz heads to Toronto and hangs at Much till December 4th when they announce the winner!


Anonymous said...

Alli Walker looks way too much like old-school Steph Pratt for my liking. (not a compliment)

KING said...

Haha you mean when Steph Pratt was ugly and not skinny? YES!

Anonymous said...

It's Jessssy Pesce. And I think you are very correct about the Jesse Giddings stealing my name spotlight haha I gave him shit for it the first day I met him. Ah well. can't win them all. I was looking for my old blog and came across this. annd just want to say Liz definitely has got what it takes. She's awesome. I am so very interested to see what goes down next Friday.
take it easy.