Monday, November 9, 2009

Burberry- Art of the Trench

Burberry has teamed up with The Satorialist in a project called Art of the Trench. It's basically a bunch of Satorialist-esque photography focusing on people sporting a Burberry trench coat.

What's pretty cool is that you can also submit your own photos of Burberry Trenchs in action. Plus, they play The Kooks for you as you browse. Oh, and Dan Levy (Host of MTV's The Aftershow which I will be watching tonight as the Peak Season saga continues..) has already made the cut. Damn his stylist is trendy. (Though I'm sure he is too.)

This one is my favourite picture on the site.

Kid on the left, come on! Gonna be a model.

Dan Levy y'all. Straight from the streets of Toronto.

This guy is from Toronto too. He's always wearing the most outrageous things.

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