Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Superficial is the funniest and other news

Jon Gosselin....... REALLY? I would pay people not to go see him. Like, what is the world thinking with this dork. Any more importantly why couldn't they find one of the five thousand other paparazzi photographs of him to avoid using this one that features the mega-squint?

Perhaps this one would be an appropriate alternative.

In other news, I fly home Friday so see you there.

In other news, WSF has a new, really legit, website. so go check it out.

In other news, due to my Friday departure I will be having a "Goodbye" hug session at Garfs skate jam tomorrow night. The rumours that its the goodbye party of Sophie Simmons is just a ploy to deter the paparazzi.

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Anonymous said...

i heart jon gosselin!