Sunday, July 12, 2009

iPhone blog & adbusted

Blogging- there's an ap for that. I just got blogwriter lite for my iPhone and now i'm testing it out sitting in the bookstore. ( I caved and bought twilight cause everyong swears it's just so much better than the movie.)

Anyway, after my purchase I was browzing the magazine rack when a girl who was probably about 12 or so grabbed an adbusters off the rack. I immediately knew this was because amongst the cover shots featuring models, actors, and Michael jackson, she had spotted a slightly altered image of spongebob squarepants. As she opened up the magazine i knew what she was about to see was far from why she was expecting. Malnourished and starving African children, profanity and probably a hundred images of her favourite corporations presented on disturbing ways caused her eyes to open wide in shock and amazement. That wasn't no pinapple under the sea.

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