Saturday, July 18, 2009

Goodbye COC.

Camp of Champions is over..

There was a party to celebrate every week..

Mexican, Hay Fever, Euro Glow, Lake.

Some tips for those planning on coming up with some creative party themes..

1. 99% of people are allergic to hay.
2. Drunk hooligans enjoy breaking open glow sticks and spewing neon goo everywhere.
3. Waterguns in the bar + the same drunk hooligans = lakes in the bar and unhappy employees.

Just keep those things in mind the next time you're planning a sweet jam.


Dani said...

this is awesome.
also, some of us hate tequila.

Dani said...

that was regarding the mexican party.
themed parties can blow me!

nogyvi said...

Rumour has it everyone pee'd in their waterguns. Sounds delightful.