Tuesday, June 2, 2009

3 strikes and it's out.

I joined my work baseball (softball) team for kicks (well mainly because on the sign up sheet it said "Only the pretty girls can play, so no Luisa..") and have now discovered something I motherfucking hate... If someone could please tell me how baseball is considered a sport i'd be all ears. All I do is stand there, often getting shafted to back catcher due to my lack of catching under pressure skills (I must admit I make a mean practice catch..), staring into nothing hoping that it'll be over soon. Sometimes when i'm actually playing a real position, the ball comes to me, and I miss because I suck and I listen to the other team make fun of me. Then I get to bat and I hit the ball every time, but some how screw up enough to get out before first base.

Moral of the story is: 1. Baseball is the most boring ever. 2. I dislike playing it. 3. Garfs should join a league of some actual sport that requires physical activity... (may I suggest soccer)

Oh, and another question. Who the hell knew there were so many people in Whistler who dug baseball so intensely?!!? Not I.

That being said I am going to Vancouver tomorrow to hang with my lovers Dani and Jessica and then have a sleepover party with Steeve only so I can drive the Hof's Mercedes home on Wednesday. ZING!

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