Saturday, May 9, 2009

The OC..the playlist.

We all can admit that we've watched it at some point in our lives, but what was really substantial about my OC experience was the soundtrack to every episode. The fact that i'm still throwing these songs on when I cant think of anything else to listen to has gotta mean somthing, right?

Let us begin.

Though I dont associate this song with this particular moment in the show, listening to it on my iPod to this day puts a smile on my face no matter what. You know those times when you're just walking with headphones and some song makes you happy? This one does it ever time.

Frig this one's a good one too. I used to have a playlist of songs from the show and this was always at the top.

If you're actually going to be interested in a song and listen to it, this is the one. It not only screams the OC but is fan freakin tastic just as it is.

Hot damn, remeber this cover?! Made this song 100 times more amazing.

This is maybe the most epic moment in the shows history, and the song is perfect. So good, no matter who's actually dying in Mexico. Probably would even go along with the Swine Flu. (PS joke I heard the other day. They said Obama would become President when pigs fly.. and guess what? SWINE FLU!)

The god damn finale. I have never cried more watching a TV show or movie than I did watching this. Jesus it was just done SO WELL. (remeber this? ... another fantastic song and another fantastic OC moment.)

The song rules and when Imogen Heap covered it with only vocals later in the show I decided the woman who runs music for the show was an absolute genius. Then I got to see Imogen sing it live.

Now go download these songs and make yourself an OC playlist. I promise it'll be one of the best you ever create. GOD DAMN miss you OC.

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