Tuesday, May 12, 2009

THE OC..cntd.

After much contemplation as well as the resurrection of my once beloved OC playlist, Mazzy Star's Into Dust wins for the best song ever to hit the OC.


The Canucks also lost tonight which puts my hopes for cheering for a winning NHL team on hold for yet another year. NOW I remember why I quit the Leafs... losing sucks and results in watching Kenny Vs. Spenny for an hour. (PS. For all you Branksomites, the "Who Do Old People Like Better" episode features our favourite overpass in a driving shot, and Steph willl appreciate that Kenny sends his old ladies to get their nails done at "nail studio" on Bayview)

I guess you can't win em all. However you can ALWAYS win with a post-game McDonalds McFlurry. Rolo-Smarties flavour, obvi.

There's always next season...

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