Wednesday, April 29, 2009


the king of sushi village.

A ghost is what i've been the past two weeks, sorry. I have now decided to get back on this in as full force as possible. That being said I no longer have essays to avoid doing.. but I really will try!

In case you didn't notice, I have left Ontario and am now much more west in British Columbia. This place makes me wonder why anyone at all would live where there are not mountains and lakes..hello beautiful.

Beats staring at computer screens, right?

I have now said goodbye to my temporary residence the "Chateau" of Tyrol Crescent and have set up a semi-permanent one right by a lake, some trees, and well... nothing else. This is boring though so moving on.

The boys of the Chateau introduced me to a new friend I like to call Ra Ra Riot, and it seems more than appropriate to post this song:

Sorry for the disappearance. I will no longer be a ghost!

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kev said...

if you like ra ra riot- check out Discovery it's with the singer from RARA and one of the dudes from vampire weekend. glad you like'em!

hearts :)