Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Here at La Maison we are severely addicted to popcorn. And not that microwavable shit, not the jiffy pop, and no we dont have a fancy popcorn machine. We straight up make it on the stove, in a pot and let me just tell you it is the ONLY way to enjoy that crunchy treat.

1. Stove goes on high or max or whatever.
2. Pot gets some olive oil to coat the bottom. (I use olive oil and i'm no chef but i'm pretty certain any oil will do, so long as it's not motor oil).
3. Kernels get poured into pot. Your kernal to oil ratio should be like.. I dunno coat the shit with oil.
4. Cover and wait...occasional pot shuffling is ok.
5. Popping commences! Move that shit around so it doesnt burn.
6. When popping stops its ready so pour it into your serving dish of choice and season it however the eff you want! (I suggest salt, Danielle suggests salt, sugar, and cinnamon).

Eat it up, I swear you wont go back to the microwave.
On that note- editing essay 2 of 3 calls for huge amounts of the stuff, so I better get poppin'.

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